Absolute and Gauge Pressure Transmitter, Cerabar PMP75

Measuring Pressure        : -1/0 up to 400bar

Accuracy                            : ±0.075%

Process Temperature     : -70 to +400°C (-94 to +752°F)

Protection Class              : IP67 (IP68 optional)

Process Connections      : Threads, flanges or hygienic connections


The PMP75 is ideal for the oil & gas, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Digital pressure transmitter with fully welded chemical seal for measurement in gases or liquids.

Pressure device for measuring pressure in industrial and non-industrial environments in process temperatures up to 400°C. The sensor element has an optimised mechanical construction to reduce the temperature effect of the chemical seal.


  • Temperatures up to 400°C
  • Self-diagnosis and process monitoring functions
  • Standard 0.05% linearity and chemical seal error
  • IEC61508 up to SIL3


  • Optimised for chemical seal mounting
  • Long-term stability <0.05% PER 5year minimises recalibration
  • HART, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION Fieldbus compatible
  • Menu-guided display with plain text – no error codes to decipher
  • No software or handheld communicators required
  • Available with TempC membrane for improved accuracy and process safety in difficult pressure and DP applications

Technical Data

Measuring Range 100 mbar…400 bar gauge or absolute/TD 100:1 (larger TD on request)
Process Temperature -70°C…400°C
Ambient Temperature -40°C…85°C
Protection class IP67 (IP68 optional)
Power Supply 10.5…45V DC standard, 10.5…30V DC for EExi 9…32V DC for PA and FF
Cable connection Gland M20x1.5, ½” NPT, 7 /8” FOUNDATION Fieldbus connector, M12
Accuracy 0.05% (transmitter) + chemical seal error
Housing cast Aluminium with polyester based coating, (stainless steel 316L optional)
Process connection All standard DIN/ANSI pressure and hygienic process connections
Process seal Welded construction with secondary containment
Process membrane 316L (1.4435), Alloy C276, Monel, Tantalum, PTFE foil, TempC, etc. Fill fluid silicon oil, vegetable oil (FDA), inert oil, high temperature oil etc.

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