Electronic Differential Pressure Transmitter, Deltabar FMD71/72

Deltabar FMD71

Measuring range  : -100mbar… +100mbar to -1bar to  +40bar (6 to 600psi)

Accuracy             : Single sensor up to ±0.05%, system up to ±0.07%

Process temperature   : -40 up to +150°C (-40 to +302°F)

Deltabar FMD72

Measuring range   : -400mbar… +400mbar to -1bar to +40bar (6 to 600psi)

Accuracy            : Single sensor up to ±0.05%, system up to ±0.07%

Process temperature   : -40 to +125°C (-40 to +257°F), optional 250°C (480°F)

Note: For process pressures up to 10bar (up to 700 bar on request)


Ideal for measuring the Level, Volume or Mass of liquids in Pressurised Tanks.


Deltabar FMD71/72 is ideal for measuring the level, volume or mass of liquids in pressurised tanks. The system compromises two sensor modules and one transmitter: one sensor module measures the hydrostatic pressure (high pressure) and the other one the head pressure (low pressure). The level (electronic differential pressure) is calculated in the transmitter using these two digital values.


  • Eliminates issues of traditional differential pressure measurements using impulse lines or capillaries and offers outstanding multivariable level measurement.
  • Deltabar FMD71/72 offers a superior response rate (up to 10 times faster than conventional DP transmitters) and eliminates up to 95% of drift caused by ambient temperature changes.
  • As the sensors are separate to the transmitter, you can locate the transmitter in areas safe and convenient for personnel, offering improved safety and better access
Technical data FMD71 FMD72
Measuring range (DP) From -100…+100 mbar to -1…+40 bar From -400…+400 mbar to -1…+40 bar
Output 4…20mA HART 4…20mA HART
Process temperature -25°C… +200°C -40°C… +125°C (higher on request)
Ambient temperature -40°C… +80°C -40°C… +80°C
Protection Rated IP66/68 NEMA4X/6P IP66/68 NEMA4X/6P
Power supply 12…45V DC 12…45V DC
Accuracy Depends on measuring cell and sensor Depends on measuring cell and sensor
Housing Aluminium, stainless steel Aluminium, stainless steel
Process connection Threads, flanges and hygienic fittings Threads, flanges and hygienic fittings

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