Hydrostatic Level Measurement, Waterpilot FMX11

Measuring Pressure        : 200 mbar to 2 bar

Accuracy                            : up to ±0.35%

Process Temperature     : –10 to +70°C

Process Connections      : Suspension clamp, Cable mounting screws


Simple and reliable level probe for freshwater applications.

It is typically used in environmental applications for hydrostatic level measurement. It is certified for drinking water applications and can be used in wells, storage tanks, water towers, dams, gauging stations, lakes and rivers.

Technical Data

Measuring Range 200 mbar…2 bar
Process Temperature -10°C…+70°C
Ambient Temperature -10°C…+70°C
Drinking water approvals  KTW/ NSF/ ACS
Power Supply 8…28 VDC
Cable connection
Accuracy up to ±0.35%
Housing cast
Process connection
Process seal
Process membrane

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