Point Level Detection, Liquiphant FTW31/32/33


Temperature     : -40 to 100°C

Pressure              : -1 to 10bar

Sensor length    : 0.1 to 4m (3.9 to 157″)


Temperature     : -40 to 70°C

Pressure              : -1 to 10bar

Sensor length    : 0.25 to 15m (10 to 590″)

Application for FTW31/32

Liquipoint FTW32 offers simple and safe point level detection in conductive liquids at multiple levels


Temperature     : -20 to +100°C (-4 to +212°F),

CIP/SIP to 150°C for 1 hour

Pressure              : 0 to 25bar abs

Sensor length    : Flush-mounted


Ideally suited in food industry for Conductive medium


Cost-effective level limit switches for multiple point detection in conductive liquids.

Applications Liquipoint T sensors are used in conductive liquids (as of 10µS/cm) for determining level limits. Depending on the number of measuring points (up to 5 rods or ropes), measuring tasks such as overspill protection, dry-run protection, two-point control of pumps or multiple point detection can be implemented for an existing process connection.

Liquipoint T sensors feature a builtin electronic insert with either a transistor or relay output for 2 or 3 rod/rope probes. With no moving parts in the tank, they offer reliable operation and a long service life.

Specially designed for hygienic applications, the FTW33 meets all international hygiene requirements. It is particularly suited to applications where flush mounting is necessary and can be used in processes up to 100°C with no limits and in cleaning and sterilization processes to 150°C for 60 minutes. And, with build-up compensation, reliable switching is guaranteed time after time.

Technical data FTW31/32 FTW33
Rod/rope 2, 3, 5 X
Switching delay 0s, 2s 0.5s (covered), 1s (free)
Pressure  -1 bar…+10 bar -1 bar…+25 bar
Temperature -20°C…+100°C -20°C…+100°C
Detection range 100kΩ X
Process connection G1½” thread Full range of hygienic connections
Length 4m (rod) FTW31,

15m (rope) FTW32

Protection IP66 IP65 to 1P69K (depending on options selected)

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Technical Information


TI Liquipoint T FTW3132

FTL 33

TI Liquipoint T FTW33