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General Scope for Engineering

for the Engineering Services for Automation, SIGMA has a rich experience of identifying the Sensors and Instruments, Select Optimum Control Platform (Distributed Control Systems, PLCs, SCDA/BMS etc., and ensures Total Integration and Implementation based on the Process Philosophy. The general scope is outlined below:

Scope of Work:

The Entire Scope is divided in two following steps

a) Design Engineering

b) Programming, Configuration & Testing

Design Engineering:  The Scope generally covers the following :

  • Study the Process and identify Measurement / Control Parameters
  • Prepare the Measurement Parameter List, Prepare Control Philosophy
  • Identification of Various Field Instruments, Sensors, Transmitters etc.,
  • Identification of Control System Platform
  • Identification of Network and Third Party Connectivity of data.

Detailed Engineering: Sensors / Transmitters Preparation of Drawings / Documents for

  • Master Instrument List;
  • Data Sheets for all Instruments
  • Instrument Installation Specifications and Diagrams

Control System & HMI:  Preparation of Drawings / Documents for

  • System Architecture
  • Complete Bill of Material
  • System Cabinet Wiring and interconnection
  • Loop & Logic Diagrams
  • UPS Specifications and Power Distribution.

Cable Engineering and Installation: Preparation of Drawings / Documents for

  • Instrument, Junction Box and Cable Tray layout diagrams;
  • Erection Hookups drawings
  • Specifications and Bill of Materials for Installation & Erection Hardware
  • Dimensional Drawings of panels
  • Cable Schedule
  • Earthing Drawings for UPS, Distribution and other Panels
  • Junction Box Grouping
  • Instrument Air Supply distribution Schedule / drawing
  • Preparation of Instrument Power Supply Distribution

Programming, Configuration & Testing:

The Scope of Work will include:

  1. Complete Programming of the Control System
  2. Programming of Human Machine Inteface
  3. Programming  / Development of SCADA
  4. Testing / Simulation of Control System

SIGMA has worked on following Control System Platforms:


  • ABB
  • Honeywell
  • Allen Bradley
  • ABB
  • Siemens
  • Mitsubishi / Messung