Hydrostatic Level Measurement, Deltapilot FMB70


Highest performance pressure sensor with the Contite cell for hydrostatic level measurement.

Hydrostatic level measurement is used  condensate resistant Contite measuring cell and two-chamber housing is typically used in the process and hygienic applications. It is made for level measurement in liquid and paste-like media in open or closed containers and unaffected by possible foam formation. The integrated HistoROM/M-DAT data module makes management of process and device parameters easy. .


  • Best batch-to-batch repeatability and long-term stability.

  • Modular concept for easy replacement of display or electronics.

  • HistoROM/M-DAT data backup for instrument settings and measured values.

  • Function-monitored from the measuring cell to the electronics.

Technical Data

Measuring Range 100 mbar…10 bar
Process Temperature -10°C…+100°C
Ambient Temperature -40°C…85°C
Drinking water approvals  NSF
Power Supply 10,5…45 VDC (Non Ex), PA / FF : 9…32 VDC
Cable connection
Accuracy Standard ±0.2%, ±0.1% (Optional)
Housing cast
Process connection
Process seal
Process membrane

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