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Solvent Management System In Pharamceutical/ Bulk Drug Industry

System over View:

Solvents are the Important & Costly RAW Inputs for Bulk Drug/API Industries, and these solvents are very Hazardous (Flammable, Corrosive), the Dispensing of solvents in to reactors requires More Operational Attention, safety and Accountability.

The main requirement in the industry is minimum inventory maintenance, safe working environment and accurate dispensing.

The solvent dispensing system integrates various operations at solvent yard and production blocks like unloading, dispensing etc.

The solvent Management will start right from the Unloading of the Solvents from Tankers, storage, and supply to Blocks and Recovery of Used Solvents and re-use.

Aim For Automation Of Solvent Dispensing System

By Automation of Solvent dispensing system we can achieve the following

  • Operation convenience
  • Consistent Yield in the Batch Product
  • Minimize the failures of Batches by avoiding extra additions
  • Can Increase Safety of Handling at Storage Tanks & Receiver Tanks by avoiding Operator Intervention Physically.
  • Can Get the Alarms during the event of Low Level & High Level of the Tanks and Operational deviations and Abnormalities.
  • Can Avoid Unauthorized Persons to Operate the system


Equipments Involved In The System

Control System Components (PLC /SCADA/HMI/HARDWARE /Panels Etc.):

A High Performance PLC Based control system will be used for the Solvent Management system, to ensure Best Performance, User friendly operation, Data Storage, Reports Generation, Alarm Generation during Process Abnormalities.

The selection of System will be Made Based on the I/O Count, Options/Features Required/Operational &Functional Requirements, Area Clasification, Budget availabilityb Etc…

The Control system PLC’s will be sourced from different O.E.M’s Like ALLEN BRADLEY / SIEMENS / MITSUBISHI/ABB/Etc. as per the Customer specific and convenient

The Main Components of the Control System Comprises below

  • PLC
  • HMI (Safe Area/ Hazardous Area)
  • REMOTE I/O Modules

Architectre Of Solvent Management System


Field Instruments(Sensors, Transmitters, Control Elements)

The selection of Field Instruments to measure Transfer the signals to PLC System ,are made Based on the Process  Conditions suitability ,Installation Location Suitability, Ambient conditions Suitability.

The field instruments used in the projects is sourced from Different Reputed Makes instruments.


  • To manage the Solvent System  with accountability & to avoid over addition of Solvents in to system, To Avoid Over Pumping of solvents and  to have Better Accounting of Solvents Inventory.
  • To avoid over flow of Solvent Tanks & Solvent Lines
  • Can be Dispense Exact &Accurate quantity of solvent required
  • To Avoid Dry run of the solvent Pumps
  • To Generate MIS reports of SOLVENTS