Hydrostatic Level Measurement, Deltapilot FMB51

Process pressure            : 100 mbar to 10 bar

Accuracy                          : ±0.2%, ±0.1%

Process temperature     : –10 to +85°C

Process connections      : Threads and flanges


Pressure sensor with the Contite measuring cell for hydrostatic level measurement.

Hydrostatic Level transmitter used in the environmental industry. It is made for level measurement in liquid and paste-like media in open or closed containers and is unaffected by possible foam formation.


  • Modular concept for easy replacement of display or electronics

  • Seamless and independent system integration

Technical Data

Measuring Range 100 mbar…10 bar
Process Temperature -10°C…85°C
Ambient Temperature -40°C…85°C
Drinking water approvals  KTW/ NSF
Power Supply 10,5…45 VDC (Non Ex), PA: 9…32 VDC, FF: 9…32 VDC
Cable connection
Accuracy Standard ±0.2%, ±0.1% (Optional)
Housing cast
Process connection
Process seal
Process membrane Alloy C, 316L, optional coating AuPt

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