Temperature Transmitters, iTEMP TMT121/181


  • Universal input for resistance thermometer (RTD), thermocouple (TC), resistance transmitter (Ω) and voltage transmitter (mV)
  • Online configuration using PC with configuration kit


  • Input: Resistance thermometer (RTD), thermocouple (TC), resistance transmitter (Ω), voltage transmitter (mV)
  • Configuration using a PC with configuration kit


PC-programmable temperature transmitter for head and DIN rail mounting.


The iTEMP TMT181 and TMT121 are programmable 2-wire temperature transmitters suitable for resistance elements (RTDs) in 2, 3 or 4-wire technology and for 12 different thermocouples. The configuration can be carried out quickly and simply online with the aid of a PC using the

ReadWin 2000 operating software that includes a signal interface. This interface (TMT181A) can be connected to head transmitter TMT181 or to the front of the TMT121.

Both are galvanically isolated as standard, have sensor monitoring in accordance with NAMUR NE43, EMC in accordance with NAMUR NE21, output simulation and the possibility of sensor-specific linearisation. Intrinsically-safe and 3G (for zone 2) versions are available with ATEX certificate as an Ex version.

Technical data

Version TMT181 TMT121
Input RTD Pt/Ni100, 500, 1000, 2, 3, 4-wire
Thermocouple types B, C, D, E, F, G, J, K, L, N, R, S, T and U

10…400Ω, 10…2000Ω, 10…100mV

Measuring range and zero point Freely adjustable
Output 4…20mA or 20…4Ma
Inaccuracy* RTDs typically approx. 0.2 K. TCs typically 0.5 K
Power supply (protected against pole reversal) 8…36 V DC 12…35 V DC
Galvanic isolation 3.75kV AC 2.0kV AC
Ambient temperature 40…85oC -40…85oC
Protection Terminals IP00 IP20
Certification ATEX II 1G EEx ia IIC T4/5/6 or ATEX II 3G EEx nL IIC T4/5/6/ (zone 2) ATEX II 2(1) G EEx ia IIC T4/5/6

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Technical Information


TI for TMT121


TI for TMT181