Dual High Range DP

□ Oil & Gas
□ Petrochemical
□ Refineries
□ Mines
□ Bulk DrugScPharma
□ Chemical Industries
□ Water Treatment
□ Boiler & Compressors
□ Textile Machinery
□ Burners and Furnaces
□ Glass and Metal Industries
□ Chemical Industries
□ Natural Gas, LPG storage and transportation

Product Features
□ Robust
□ Wide Scale for easier setpoint (optional)
□ Enclosure Protection: IP 66Standard
□ Reliable accurate microswitches for long life switching
□ Customised arrangements for switching values on request O Field adjustable
□ Warranty:2Years


DS Series

DS switches have been designed for applications requiring multiple set points, but with only one or two process connections. Typical applications are for alarm and trip functions. Some other are to keep pressure between two limits HI and LO, with independent signals. Other applications are for HI and HI-HI limits or LO and LO-LO limits in the same pressure switch. Pressure switches can be supplied with SPDT, 2SPDT hermetically sealed (silver or gold plated) microswitches or other standard options. Typical application areas are in power sector, pharma. oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical & other industries.

Product Specifications
□ Storage temperature: Atmospheric temperature
□ Media Temp.:- for rubber diaphragms 80 degree C max, higher with metal diaphragms
□ Enclosure: Die cast aluminium to IP 66
□ Electrical output: Pneumatic
□ Process connection: 1/4 “BSP standard.