Point Level Detection, Liquiphant FTL31/33


Pressure                              : -1 to +40bar

Temperature                     : -40 to +150°C

Surface roughness           : 0.76µm or 1.5µm

Protection                           : IP69K


Pressure                              : -1 to +40bar

Temperature                     : -40 to +150°C

Surface roughness           : 3.2µm

Protection                           : IP69K


The Liquiphant FTL31 liquid level switch is designed for industrial applications and ideal for overfill prevention or pump dry-run protection in cleaning and filter systems as well as in cooling and lubrication vessels.

Liquiphant FTL33 is especially designed for hygienic applications in the food & beverage industry. It is perfect for overfill prevention or pump dry-run protection in storage tanks, mixing vessels and pipes. Better still, it offers CIP and SIP cleaning as standard and IP69K protection as an option

Technical data FTL31 FTL33
Version Process Hygienic (3-A and EHEDG compliant)
Surface roughness Ra ≤3.2µm Ra ≤1.5μm (EHEDG),

Ra ≤0.76μm (EHEDG, 3-A)

Pressure -1 to +40 bar -1 to +40 bar
Temperature -40 to +150°C -40 to +150°C
Protection IP69K IP69K
Min density of medium > 0.7g/cm³ (> 0.5g/cm³ optional) > 0.7g/cm³ (> 0.5g/cm³ optional)
Solid contents ø < 5mm ø < 5mm
Switch point 13mm ±1mm 13mm ±1mm
Process connections Threads Threads, hygienic

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Technical Information for FTL31


Technical Information for FTL33