Temperature Transmitters, iTEMP TMT142/162


  • Temperature field transmitter with HART®protocol for converting various input signals to a scalable, analog 4.to 20 mA output signal
  • Universal input usable for: Resistance thermometers (RTD), thermocouples (TC), resistance transmitters (Ω), voltage transmitters (mV)


  • Universal input usable for resistance thermometer (RTD), thermocouple (TC), resistance thermometer (Ω), voltage transmitters (mV)
  • HART®protocol for converting various input signals to a scalable 4 to 20 mA analog output signal.
  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ ITK 6.1.2
  • PROFIBUS®PA Profile 3.02


TMT142: Universal HART temperature transmitter for use in the field

TMT162: Universal temperature transmitter with HART, PROFIBUS or FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol.

iTEMP TMT142 HART temperature field transmitter has been purpose-designed to perform where the job demands. Industries such as chemical, petrochemical and mining pose their own set of challenges. That’s why the TMT142 offers a robust housing with IP65 protection and full ATEX approval.

The TMT142 is also universally programmable with HART protocol for resistance thermometers, thermocouples and voltage transmitters. The large rotatable rear-illuminated display shows the actual measured value, not only as a digital indicator but also as a 10% step trend bar graph for maximum operability. What’s more, the TMT142 fulfils NAMUR requirements: EMC to NE21, failure conditioning in the event of sensor breakdown to NE43 and corrosion detection to NE89. Operation, visualisation and maintenance are carried out via a PC, using FieldCare or ReadWin 2000 operating software.

The TMT162 is a two-wire transmitter with analogue output, two (optional) measuring inputs for resistance thermometers and resistance transmitters in 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire connection, thermocouples and voltage transmitters. The LCD display shows the current measured value digitally and as a bar graph with an indicator for limit value violation, The TMT162 (HART) can be operated using a handheld terminal (DXR375) or PC.

Technical Data

Version TMT142
Input RTD, TC, Ω, mV
Output 4…20Ma
Supply voltage 11…40VDC (standard), 11…30VDC (Ex-version)
Operation HART
Certificates ATEX, FM, CSA, CSA GP


Version TMT162
Output signal 4…20mA analogue
Galvanic isolation U = 2kV AC (input/output)
Ambient temperature Without display: -40…+ 85ºC

With display: -30…+70ºC

Climate class As per EN 60 654-1, Class C
Degree of protection IP67
Shock and vibration Resistance 3g/2 to 150Hz as per IEC 60 068-2-6
Weight Approx. 1.4kg, (aluminium housing)
ITK Version 4.61

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Technical Information


TI for TMT142


TI for TMT162