Temperature Switches

□ Power Generation
□ Burners and Furnaces
□ Glass and Metal Industries
□ Chemical Industries
□ Steel Industry
□ Hydraulic Steam and Gas Turbines
□ Boilers & Compressors
□ Machine tools
□ Water treatment
□ Sugar and Paper Mills
□ Fire protection
□ Surgical gas, Breweries, Milk industries
□ Tyre Industry

Product Features
□ Robust
□ Externally visible scale, with tough polycarbonate cover
□ Enclosure Protection: IP66 standard
□ Reliable accurate microswitches for long life switching
□ Customised arrangements for switching values on request
□ Easy safe wiring options
□ Locking & sealing arrangements to avoid tampering of setpoints on field
□ Accuracy :+/-1% FSR
□ Warranty: 2 Years


MZ Series

MZ Series pressure switches have been designed for applications that require cost effective outdoor mounting in aggressive environments. The tough polycarbonate cover,fitted on a stainless steel base, retained by SS screws offers excel lent resistance to corrosion, and a Iso a Hows a view of the internal scale and working of the pressure switch. The reliable microswitch offers narrow deadband, switching values.which have excellent repeatabilty. By using appropriate capsules and wetted parts, MZ series pressure switches can be used for thousands of applications.

Product Specifications:
□ Storage temperature: Atmospheric temperature
□ Operating ambient temperature :-20oCto + 60oC
□ Media temperature: for rubber diaphragms 80 o C max
□ Can be offered for higher temperatures with other capsule
□ combinations
□ Setpoint repeatability:±l% of FSR
□ Enclosure: Tough Polycarbonate and SS to IP 66
□ Switch output: SPDT/2SPDT
□ Process connection: 1/4 “BSP standard,
□ Approximate weight :1kg