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TPR 100

• Mineral insulated cable sheathed in stainless steel 316L
• 3 or 6mm diameter stem
• Customised immersion length

• 4-wire connection for single Pt100, 3-wire connection for double Pt100
• Electronics included in the ordering structure: PCP (4…20mA also with enhanced accuracy), HART and PROFIBUS PA 2-wire transmitters


Mineral insulated insert

The TPR100 is a thermoresistance RTD insert and is used as a replaceable measuring element in thermometers. Constructed in compliance with DIN EN 60751, it consists of a mineral insulated cable and a Pt100 sensing element. It can be connected to the conversion electronics by means of flying leads or alternatively with a ceramic terminal block. Options include various configurations of Pt100 sensors, stems and certification. Sensors are either wire wound or thin film for different operating ranges -50…400°C and -200…600°C.


  • Fine chemicals
  • Power industry
  • Food industry
  • Environmental industry
  • General processes

Technical data

Material Stem: stainless steel 316L terminal block: ceramic
Measuring range Wire wound Pt100: -200…+600°C

Thin film Pt100: -50…+400°C

Maximum process pressure 2Mpa (20 bar) at 20°C
Shock & vibration resistance According to DIN EN 60751 2.8g peak / 10…500Hz
Insulation Insulation resistance between terminals and probe sheath: more than 100MΩ at 25°C (according to DIN EN 60751, test voltage 250V) more than 10MΩ at 300°C

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Technical Information

TPR 100

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