Digital measuring cable CYK10


CYK10 guarantees absolute water-proof connection of Memosens sensors to the transmitter. Its inductive coupling shows no contact corrosion and guarantees galvanic isolation of transmitter and medium. Simply forget about limited cable length, interfering potentials or moisture and benefit from completely safe and reliable signal transmission.



Measuring principle Free chlorine
Application Measuring cable for contactless, inductive, digital transmission of measurement signals
Characteristic Inductive, digital transmission of measurement signals and energy
Not influenced by moisture, EMC-fields and corrosion
Design Easy to handle Bajonett coupling to connect digital sensors with Memosens technology and plug-head
No open contacts, resistant against humidity
Material Cable sheath: TPE
Junction box: aluminum
Dimension Diameter: 6.3 mm (0.25 inch)
Cores: 2×2 cores, twisted pairs
Length: up to approx. 100 m (328 ft)
Process Temperature -25 to 135 °C (-13 to 277 °F)
Temperature sensor For digital sensors with inductive plug-head with and without temperature sensor
Additional certifications Also available as TÜV approved SIL version

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