Angle Seat Valve


  • Life > 10 Million cycles
  • Fast acting upto 1000 cycles per hour
  • Designed to work with absolute vacuum
  • Easily convertible from Normally Close to Normally Open or Double acting to Single-acting
  • Modular Design
  • Material is CF8 (SS304 Cast) & CF3M (SS316L Cast)
  • Operator with threaded / NAMUR ports
  • 360 degree rotatable operator


It offers convertible single acting angle seat valve and double acting angle seat valve to give features like long working life, high functionality, and low maintenance.

  • Self-aligning plug ensures zero leaks for every operation
  • Smooth profile with minimum bend ensuring the higher flow
  • made with corrosion resistive nylon glass filled material along with SS316 fitting makes it is ideal for a corrosive environment.
  • longer sleeve with special V design gland packings to provide better leak tightness, long life, and avoid metal to metal contact with the shaft.
  • Burnished Shaft for low friction, better gland sealing, and smoother operation
  • Better sealing and cyclic life performance
  • Lean Flow-through Passage for a low-pressure drop and Better flow Characteristics.


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