• Size range : 1″ TO 8″ (With One Size Bigger Inlet)
  • Pressure Ratings : 150#, 300# & 600#
  • End Connections : Flanged RF
  • Body Material : Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy
  • Trim Characteristics : ON-OFF
  • Leakage Class : Class IV & Class VI as per FCI 70-2
  • Standards : ASME B16.34


  • UNICON 7000 / 7100 Flush Bottom Valve is a special purpose valve, which is used in piping, reactors and vessels to drain out Abrasives, Slurry, Viscous Material and Semi Solid Media.
  • This type of valve is attached to the vessels on pad type nozzle. The disks in closed position match with the bottom of the vessel or piping leaving no dead volume.
    There are two types of flush bottom valves:

    • Valve with plug opening inside the vessel
    • Valve with Plug opening inside the valve
  • In the former case the stem pushes the plug into the vessel to drain the liquid. While in latter case, the plug gets pulled down into the valve effecting the discharge of material providing a larger flow through path.


  • Better flow capacity for line size
  • Suitable for drainage systems
  • Tight closing for reliable shut-off even if change in pressure and temperature are sudden and extreme
  • Wide selection of actuators to meet most system requirements
  • Flexible design capabilities allows fitting any vessel configuration
  • Jacketed option available (Full-Jacketed & Semi-Jacketed)
  • Unique packing designs to suit various temperature and fluid needs
  • Excellent Shut-off performance
  • Inlet Flange Contoured to suit Vessel Curvature
  • Single piece body design to avoid joints in the valve body
  • Jacketed Body
  • Inlet Flange Contoured to suit Vessel Curvature
  • Jacketed Body
  • Inlet Flange Contoured to suit Vessel Curvature


  • Air Filter & Regulator
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Limit Switches
  • Volume Booster
  • Lock-up Valve
  • Quick Exhaust

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