Accessories(Manifold/syphon/flanges/pitot tubes/orifice plates)


2 way ,3 way ,5 way

Reliable To

All types of Gauges / DP transmitters


Stainless steel , Hastalloy, Tantallum etc.

Available Materials :

Orifice flange union for DP type flow meters, Syphons, flanges etc.


Manifolds – 2 way ,3 way ,5 way suitable for all Gauges / DP transmitters with various MOCs like Stainless Steel , Hastalloy, Tantallum etc. matching to specific process applications.
Orifice flange union assembly which is the primary sensing element for DP type flow meters comes with different line sizes and various type of MOCs …
Syphons, flanges etc. are also available in different sizes with various MOCs