Point Level Detection, Nivector FTC968


Temperature     : -40 to +80°C

Pressure              : -1 to +6bar

Protection           : IP5/66


Its flush-mounted construction and materials make it suitable for use in the food industry.


Capacitive level switch for all types of powdered and fine-grained solids.


The sensor forms a capacitor with its internal earth screen. Capacitance is determined by the difference in the dielectric constant of air in relation to the product to be detected. As the sensor is covered or uncovered by the product, this value will either fall short of or exceed switching capacitance, thus activating the switch.


This capacitive level switch has been designed primarily to detect solids (powders, pellets, granulates etc.). They are used mostly for high and/ or low level detection or as a start/ stop control for a conveyor or mixer. These level switches differ from one another in size and installation facilities. They are not suitable for abrasive and heavy products such as sand, gravel and limestone. Please contact Endress+Hauser for information about alternatives for these applications.

Technical data

Output(s) Choice of direct thyristor switching, twin-wire 21…250V 50Hz, or PNP/NPN output, 10…55V DC
Degree of protection IP55 of IP66 (optional)
Process connection Nivector FTC 968 1″BSP (with Protector 1½”BSP)
Sensor material Polycarbonate (protector in fibreglass-reinforced polyester)

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Technical Information