Process Recorders


Paperless Recorders

ABB’s ScreenMaster paperless recorders provide a reliable, cost-effective and secure solution for paperless data recording and analysis

Touchscreen – RVG200

The RVG200 recorder takes the established operating and security benefits of the ScreenMaster range one step further. Features include touchscreen ‘swipe’ operation, front and rear USB ports for connecting peripheral devices (including a barcode scanner and keyboard) and Ethernet and RS485 communications. Up to 24 process signals can be connected to the RVG200’s analog inputs or transferred to it via digital communications.

As with all devices in the ScreenMaster paperless recorder range, the RVG200 features extensive security measures to protect against un-authorized tampering with process data, compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. Standard security features include the ability to configure and allocate multiple users with individual password and access rights. All recorded data is also securely stored by the RVG200’s 256 Mb of internal flash memory, that can be expanded to 2 GB if required.

Circular chart Recorders

Advanced circular chart recorder – C1300

A powerful and flexible data recorder for many industrial applications, particularly water and waste water treatment.
The C1300 is an advanced, programmable circular chart recorder for up to 4 process signals.

Building on ABB’s successful Commander recorder range, and based on customer feedback, the C1300 features a host of new developments to provide a powerful and flexible data recorder for many industrial applications, but particularly water and waste water treatment.

Single pen circular chart recorder – C1901

A robust, fully programmable, circular chart recorder for all single channel recording applications
The C1901 circular chart recorder is a single pen, fully programmable circular chart recorder. The instrument’s straightforward operator controls and robust construction make it suitable for a variety of industrial environments.

NEMA 4X protection ensures the C1901 can survive in the harshest environments and makes the recorder ideal for use in panels which are regularly hosed down. The tough, acid-resistant case and secure cable-entry glands maintain the NEMA 4X rating for wall-mount or pipe-mount instruments.

Circular chart recorder – C1900

A rugged, reliable recorder with the capability to meet all your needs

The C1900 is a general purpose circular chart recorder with up to 4 pen recording providing full application flexibility. Pen ranges can be individually set to give the best resolution for each signal and the time per revolution can be selected from between one hour and thirty-two days. User configurable math functions, mass flow calculations, totalizers and RH tables are all fully supported. Additional recording channels, math capability or input and output for upgrades can be retro-fitted on site using plug-in cards and easily-fitted pen arms.
he recorder can be wall-, pipe- or panel-mounted anywhere in the plant and, with its rating of NEMA 4X/IP66, it can be subjected to rigorous cleaning with complete confidence. Advanced EMC shielding within the recorder ensure recording accuracy is maintained even in noisy industrial environments.

Circular Chart Recorder/Controller – C1900

A fully programmable, circular chart recorder with integral capability for single- or dual-loop PID control

The C1900 is a fully programmable circular chart recorder/controller combining two PID control loops with 4-pen recording. Analog, heat/cool, time proportioning or on/off control can all be selected as standard. Motorized valve operation, with or without feedback, is available as an option. The instrument offers seamless loop functionality integration to solve process problems, eliminating the need for auxiliary devices.

Specific applications can be fully met by using the full range of options available, including one to four-pen recording, flow totalization, process alarms and ramp/soak profile to provide outstanding flexibility in just one instrument.

Pasteurizer recorder / controller – C1950

Three separate circular chart recorder / controller models providing outstanding coverage of pasteurizer applications
The C1950 is a totally self-contained unit suitable for panel-, wall- or post-mounting. As standard, the case is rated NEMA4X (IP66), making it suitable for use in almost any location in a modern dairy where cleaning of all surfaces takes place. From a simple recording device to the top-of-the-range hot or cold product controller/recorder, all versions are fitted with a four-position, true-time event pen which indicates forward flow, divert, CIP and secondary divert.

The Commander 1951 records the hot product temperature and either the divert set point or the cold product temperature. It includes 8 diversion set points to activate the event pen.
The Commander 1952 is a recorder/controller. It controls hot water and records hot product and either the divert set point or the cold product temperature. It includes 8 pairs of diversion and hot water set points for the controller and event pen.
The Commander 1953 is the top-of-the-range recorder/controller. It has all the capabilities of the C1952 combined with cold product temperature control from the cold product temperature probe. It includes 8 pairs of diversion and hot water set points for the controller and event pen.

Multi-recipe profile recorder / controller – C1960

A multi-recipe profile recorder / controller for applications where advanced ramp / soak profiling control and recording of multiple process parameters is required
The C1960 is designed as a totally self-contained unit with 20 profiles / 99 segments and features such as guaranteed ramp / soak, a dedicated operator display and time events to assign relays / outputs to individual or multiple segments. The recorder / controller is suitable for panel-, wall- or pipe-mounting with NEMA4X/ IP66 enclosure protection as standard.

The C1960 is designed specifically for the food processing, canning, tire manufacturing and dyebeck industries with application areas such as – autoclaves, retort controls, pneumatic upgrades, tire presses, dye beck process, smokehouses and kilns.

Four version of the C1960 are available:
C1961: One controller and one recording pen with control and ramp/soak faceplates
C1962: One controller and two recording pens with control, record and ramp/soak faceplates
C1963: One controller and three recording pens with control, record and ramp/soak faceplates
C1964: Two controllers and two recording pens with two control and one ramp/soak faceplates for Channel 1.

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