Hardware Unit: AC 800M Processor Units

Software Package: Compact Control Builder

Input/Output Unit: S800 I/O Modules

Communication Cards: CI801 Profibus FCI S800 Communication, CI840A Profibus DP-V1 Interface, TU860 MTU for Ethernet FCI and S800, TC810 Ethernet Adapter for Ethernet FCI.

Please refer to the attached pdf in the module for more details



ABB’s Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are designed to transform your multi-faceted, 24/7 process operations. Our market-leading control architecture constantly monitors and drives plant productivity, maximizing asset utilization, process efficiency and production quality. A focus on availability, safety and cyber security ensures the protection of your people, assets and equipment. And by maintaining tight controls over raw material consumption, plant energy levels and waste by-products, ABB DCS solutions help to significantly reduce environmental impact.

For more information visit the link for details: AC 800M


  • Combatting water losses across the city-wide network
  • Modernizing even the most remote facilities
  • Environmental impact down, output up
  • Futureproofing huge multi-site agro-chem plants in India
  • The driving force behind mining’s electrification
  • Cleaner water from cleaner technology
  • Advanced digital automation for India’s solar energy revolution
  • Technology conquers water challenges
  • Textile recycling plant saves billions of liters of water
  • Scalable DCS provides a foundation for bio-based energy plant
  • The energy-storage solution to smooth inconsistent renewable generation
  • High efficiency for end-to-end pulp mill


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