Mass Flowmeter, Proline t-mass 65F/I

Max. measurement error

Proline t-65F/I:

Gas: 1.5% o.r. , 0.15% o.f.s.

Measuring range

Proline t-65F: 0.5 to 3750 kg/h

Proline t-65I: 20 to 720000 kg/h

Medium temperature range

Proline t-65F: -40 °C to +100 °C

Proline t-65I: -40 °C to +130 °C

Max. process pressure

Proline t-65F: PN40 / Cl. 300 / 20K

Proline t-65I: -0.5 to 20 bar gauge


Thermal mass flowmeter for the direct mass flow measurement of gas.

The t-mass 65 thermal mass flowmeter is the ideal solution for direct mass flow measurement of compressed air, biogas and other utility gas applications. With a turndown of typically 100:1 and a negligible pressure loss, t-mass 65 is capable of accurate measurement of both low flow rates and leakage, which allows users to optimise plant performances. With its integrated ‘gas engine’, users can select from a list of 20 pure gases such as air, nitrogen, oxygen etc and you can even customise a specific gas mixture which is ideal for the measurement of biogas. This allows you to select and programme the pure gas or gas mixture directly on the device, reducing the reliance on factory pre-sets and allowing the user to configure t-mass to suit the requirements of the individual application. t-mass 65, with its online diagnostics, field replaceable sensors, integrated gas tables and Quick Setup operating menu, offers a maintenance-friendly and time-saving direct gas mass flow measurement.

Technical data t-mass 65
Transmitter 2-line LCD display, pushbutton configuration
Size DN15…100 (65F), DN80…1500 (65I)
Supply voltage 5…260VAC, 20…55VAC, 16…62VDC
Output Current output: active 0/4…20mA passive 4…20mA, 18…30VDC

pulse / frequency output: active 24VDC, 25mA passive 30VDC

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Technical Information

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