Point level detection, Soliphant FTM50/52


Temperature     : -50 to +280°C

Pressure              : -1 to +25bar

Sensor length    : 145mm, 200mm

Sensor material : 316L (3,2µm, 0,8µm, PTFE coated, ETFE coated)


Temperature     : -40 to +80°C

Pressure              : -1 to +2bar

Sensor length    : 750mm to 20,000mm

Sensor material : 316L (3,2µm, 0,8µm, PTFE coated)



Vibrating level switch for fine-grained solids. Suitable for hazardous area use.

Soliphant M level limit switch for fine-grained or powdery solids offers outstanding performance, even in hazardous areas (ATEX and SIL2 certified). Available as a compact, extension tube or cable version, Soliphant M provides reliable level measurement from 145mm to 20m in solids applications from cement, mortar and dye powders to powdered milk, sugar and animal feed.


Soliphant M is perfect for a variety of applications. It can even be used to detect solids levels underwater – the probe recognises the difference between liquid and solid and only switches if covered by sand or sludge.

Technical data

Switching delay 0.5s when sensor is covered, 1.5s when sensor exposed, 1s for short fork
Measuring frequency Standard fork approx 140Hz

Short fork approx 350Hz

Protection IP66/NEMA4X (F15, F16, F17 housing)

IP66/IP68 NEMA4X/6P (F13, T13 housing)

Thermal shock resistance 120K
Process temperature Up to 150°C
Pressure range -1…25 bar
Bulk density Standard fork ≥ 10g/l

Short fork ≥ 50g/l

Grain size ≤ 10mm
Process connections Threads, flanges and hygienic connection (Tri-Clamp)

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Technical Information

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