1-channel transmitter Liquiline CM14



Output / communication


Ingres protection

Front IP65 , NEMA 4X, Body IP20


Liquiline CM14 is a basic transmitter that offers all that you need to run a standard measuring point. It fits in the common cabinet cut-outs and is easy to commission thanks to Memosens digital technology. The Memosens hot plug and play concept allows you to quickly install and configure your digital pH/ORP, conductivity or dissolved oxygen sensors. Liquiline CM14 is compact, easy-to-operate, and cost efficient.


Measuring principle Potentiometric
Application Water, waste water
Characteristic 4-wire transmitter with a two-line display
Measurement Principle pH/ORP transmitter for digital Memosens sensors.
Design panel housing (48×96 mm)
Material panel housing, polycarbonate
front membrane polyester
Dimension 48 mm x 96 mm x 152 mm(built in depth)
3.74×3.74×5.98 inch (built in depth)
Temperature sensor Display and current output
Ex certification No
Ingres protection Front IP65 , NEMA 4X, Body IP20
Input One channel transmitter
Output / communicationn 0/4-20mA
Additional certifications CSA C/US general purpose
UL listed

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