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Tank Farm Automation for raw material storage tanks for the below application.

  • Solvent Tanks storage yards in Pharma & Bulk drug Industries
  • Acids/ chemicals storage tank in Pharma & Bulk Drug Industries
  • Edible oil Industries( Crude & Refined Oil Storage)
  • Petrochemical / Oil & Gas Industries
  • Diary Industries (Milk Silos), Food & Beverage Industries (Juice/Sugar syrup/Etc),
    Sugar Industries & etc (Sugar Cane tanks & Molasses Tanks etc.)

Using different types of Level transmitters like RADAR, ULTRASONIC, LASER, Capacitance, Conductivity, DP type.
Taking the level reading by 4-20mA and connect to a PLC/SCADA/Data Logging System.


  • Monitoring/Accounting of Raw Material Inventory
  • To avoid overflow in tanks
  • To pump the exact quantity required
  • To avoid unwanted/Dry run of the pumps