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  • High process reliability through robust design
  • Simple, cost-saving installation
  • Precise saturated steam mass flow measurement with integrated temperature sensor
  • Simple, compact in-line installation, -reduced piping
  • Direct steam mass flow measurement with integrated temperature compensation
  • Higher accuracy
  • Wider flow range
  • Increased plant availability, no wear, no maintenance


  • Low pressure volumetric flow measurement of biogas (55 % Methane, CH4 and 45 % Carbone Dioxide, CO2)
  • Very limited up and downstream pipe diameters
  • Accuracy and repeatability at all flow rates, across the total flow range
  • Required accuracy for instruments < 1 % of measurement
  • IEC Ex (zone 1) certification – flameproof Ex d and Ex ia
  • Wet gas with some solid particles in it
  • Stable pressure


  Process Connection: Flange rating
  IP rating IP 65/67
  Power supply 100-230 V AC, 24 V DC
  Current output                                4-20 mA
  Process connection material Steel, stainless steel
  Process Temperature    -55 ... 400 °C (-67 ... 752 °F)
  Approvals ATEX, IEC

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