Designed to protect and allow direct replacement of temperature sensors, thermowells are produced in two basic design styles. ’The pocket’ made from high quality metal tubing, sealed at the end and supplied with a plant fitting of either a screw thread or flange. The ’solid type’, made from a solid piece of high quality metal bar. Drilled to within 9 or 6 mm of the end of the bar and again fitted with a plant connection of either a screw thread or flange. The thermowell is an important part of a process plant. Its integrity is vital to the safety of the operation and should be chosen with the same care as any other fitting.

  • Choose safe, tough and reliable thermowells.
  • Wide range of standard and custom designs.
  • Benefit from the right product for the right application, manufactured to ABB’s demanding quality standards.
  • Select from standard or specifically tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of your process.

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