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Pneumatic Diaphragm Operated Modulating type Control Valve


  • Precise Regulating with High flow capacity
  • Multi action type actuators to meet different application
  • Large type of trim Top operating design for various duty conditions
  • In line Repairable Design for easy maintenance
  • Tight closure even in extreme operating conditions
  • High flow capacity & range ability
  • Top operating for easy trim inspection without disturbing the lined
  • Designed and tested to deliver 100% performance under specified operating conditions
  • Wide selection of actuators to meet most requirements
  • Metal to Metal seating
  • Specialised trim designed for proportionate flow
  • Manual over ride available
  • MOC: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3M etc

Technical Specifications:

  Actuator Diaphragm Air to open as a standard
  Bonnet Extended with FINS for (Temperature 450˚C )
  Internals SS 304
  Gland Packing Graf oil/Teflon
  Trim Design Contoured parabolic/ Pressure balanced
  Sizes            ½” to 12”
  Characteristic            Linear
  End Connections           Flanged end to end ANSI B 16.5 CL 150 [300/600 available on request)
  Pressure Ratings           ANSI B 16.5 CL 150/300/600
  Leakage           ANSI B 16.104 CL IV for metal seating

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