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Electric Operated Drum Valve


  • Exclusively smart designs for Big size and cross country water line projects
  • High CV value, with low pressure Hammering
  • Choice of operating control available in Pneumatic actuator like On/Off/Modulating/On/Off with feedback
  • On/Off & Proportionate control having Input signal of 4-20mA available in Pneumatic actuator.
  • Precise pressure control and repeatability can be achieved for proportionate control application
  • Low noise & Friction at the time of controlling
  • Vertical and horizontal installation can be done
  • In single acting you can have a choice for fail safe as Normally open/Normally close
  • Material Construction: WCB, Bronze, SS304, SS316

Actuator details:

  Indicator Continuously position Indicator
  Type  Single acting & Double acting
  Characteristic On/Off modulating
  Travel    90˚
  Protection glass IP 67

Air press             

5 bar

Body Material   

Al alloy

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